Soufeel Jewellery Unbox and Review – Charm of the Future

Want to get the perfect customized charm with your beautiful photo inside? Check out Soufeel Jewellery! Include code for 10% off all orders!

How have your week been? Has it been busy? Mine sure is… how do you like to unwind when you are stressed? Mine is probably not the best therapy but it works… I like to shop when I am stressed haha I am sure a lot of girls like to do that too, so I am not ashamed of it!

From time to time, I like to get something little and not over-priced. I love jewellery but I find all the brand names are a little too expensive and sometimes not affordable. Especially these beautiful charmed bracelets, they can get really expensive.

This is why I am writing this blog today and want to show you a brand that you might have heard of but never attempt to try before!

Soufeel Jewellery

Soufeel, has an amazing selection of sterling silver goods, not only that many of them are customizable too. From necklace, bracelet to rings, many of it can add your personal touches to it.

Let’s take a look at what I got from Soufeel!


Look at this lovely packaging! All the charms and ring came in separate packaging. It also came with a sterling sliver certificate to ensure they are true silver. They also packaged a cleaning cloth, which I think it’s awesome! (I love cleaning my jewellery, it’s also another way for me to unwind)

Soufeel Photo Charms


Can anyone guess why I picked these charms? Yes! You guessed it haha

We got engaged in Paris, We Love travel, We got married, We found our hobby as blogger and photographer, and finally We are dreamer!

How do you like these little charms, I truly think they are amazing and well made. What if I tell you the whole combo here WITH the bracelet is under $120. That’s amazing right?!




I love this ring so much, it says “all you need is a little trust and pixie dust” it’s just sooooo cute!

I would highly recommend Soufeel to you, this would make a great gift to your love ones, family, and friends. Instead of spending insanely amount of money on one charm, I would go with Soufeel to get a set of bracelet and charms! I am sure they would love it as much!

Soufeel offers worldwide free shipping and 365-day return & exchange. All the items are 925 sterling silver and Swarovski crystal.

Here’s a gift to you, the 10% off coupon code is SHS10 expires on June 30, 2017!

Link to Soufeel

Hope you like this little show case of Soufeel! Please let me know if there’s anything questions about them. I will try my best to answer them!

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