Top 4 Winter Essentials Every Girls Need

Find out what are the top 4 winter essentials that every girl must have to stay warm and cozy this winter season!

It seems like winter came a little early this year to Toronto. First snow has started and weather is getting colder.

Here’s a few tips and winter essentials for all the girlies out there to keep yourself warm and yet still look chic!

Let me show you my Long Champs bag spill for this winter that are stuffed with the winter essentials! (this is probably gonna be my everyday tote to work, love long champs!)

Top 4 Winter Essentials Every Girls Need

#1 Winter Essentials – Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest

I cannot tell you how much I love this Uniqlo vest! I never liked to wear a vest (I am not sure why… but never had a feel for it until now) The puffy collar on this vest always keep me warm, and the best part about this vest is that it is such light weight and thin, it can go underneath any jacket.

I know that all of us girls love to wear different coat and jackets for winter, however not all of them are very warm… To be honest, I own quite a few coats and jackets myself, but in the end I just always stay with my Canada Goose, cuz the rest of them are just not warm enough. Now that I have this vest I can wear my other coats a lot more and still be warm! (oh and see how small it can be when I fold it, I carry it with me everywhere!)

#2 Winter Essentials – Techy Gloves

Aritzia came out with a techy gloves that is not like the typical touch screen gloves. I personally not a big fan of the touch screen gloves, cuz I feel they don’t work the best. This is why I am in love with this Aritzia pair, because they have a little slit on the finger tip that you can actually let your finger physically touch the screen!

#3 Winter Essentials – L’Occitane and Nivea Lip Balm

For sure, your skin and lips probably needs the most care during winter time. I personally suggest the L’occitane 20% shea butter hand cream, I like the thickest of the shea cream to keep my hand moist and the mild refreshing scent.

Nivea Lip Balm, if you lips are peeling, put this on over night, and it will become all smooth and soft again! Simple!

#4 Winter Essentials – Reuseable tote

This one does not only apply to winter, but it’s an all year round needs. I really like the idea of bring your own bag to grocery, to shopping. See the little chicken key chain, it’s actually a reuseable tote in its belly haha. I carry that tote with me all the time! Just a little something extra to suggest to you!

These are my little tips for this upcoming winter! If I can think of more winter essentials, I will definitely write another blog on it! In the mean time check out my Instagram – Mizzmok for more lifestyle ideas!

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  1. Pretty useful, I never took the reusable tote with me on the trips but after reading this I think it is something which I will have to keep with me from next time
    Thanks again!

  2. Always have to have a reusable tote for sure! Isn’t Uniqlo awesome! They really know how to make some travel friendly apparel. Great list. I just have fingerless gloves to be able to work my phone, but there’s always those few weeks in the middle of winter where I just can’t get my fingers out for that phone while outside hahaha.

  3. Lip Balm. I always forget to stock up on lip balm, but it is totally necessary. I can’t recall how many times I’ve waited until my lips are a painful mess until I got some. This I’m gonna stock up. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thanks for the idea about light down vest, so handy. I love your gloves as well, it saves us from the difficulty of using our phones or cameras…And a good moisturizer is really a must during winter cool days. Thanks for writing down these winter essentials…

  5. These are some fantastic winter warmer products – I really need to pick up one of those Ultra light down vests as my partner has one and they look fantastic to keep one warm on the go

    Laura x

  6. When I went backpacking Europe this past February, I bought a pack-able down jacket and it literally saved my life in that cold! One of the best purchases I’ve made AND the best part is that it folds up small into a tiny bag like the one in your picture! Small yet effective. Great post!

  7. Great essential tips. Too bad it never gets that cold where I live. It’s always either hot or chilly. It’s never cold enough for hats scarves and coats. I have many that are rarely used.

    Loving the new layout. User friendly 😉

  8. Great ideas! I like the idea of a down vest that lives in your bag! And those Aritzia gloves….I am going straight out to buy those!

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