The Werkshop: Embroidered Patch Denim Shirt

The Werkshop

Hi guys! How’s your week so far? Any plans for the weekend? Can you believe spring is almost here? It’s almost time to change the wardrobe up a bit right? For those of you who loves embroidered pattern, you are in luck! Because today I would like to share something amazing with you that I learnt from one of the workshop hosted by The Werkshop That is DIY your own Embroidered Patch Denim Shirt (or jacket, jeans, up to you!)

Aboute The Werkshop hosts a lot of different workshops. It usually ranges around $65. I think the price is reasonable for a great time. The workshop is around 2 hours long with professional instructors too! Do check out their Instagram and website for more upcoming workshops!

Let’s take a look at my experience!


Embroidered Patch Denim Shirt

First you need to make a lot of embroidered patches that fits your style, pick more because you never know which one goes well together!

The Werkshop

After you have the patches in their idea place, take a photo of it, because once you move it, it’s easy to forget where everything is!

The Werkshop
Then place all the patches on a transfer paper and trim around the patch. Having extra on the side is ok we can trim those after.

The Werkshop

Using an iron and press on the transfer paper to let the glue go on the patch (for only 2 to 3 seconds!) Then trim away those excess paper.

The Werkshop

Once you are ready, peel the wax paper of the glue and iron away!

The WerkshopThe Werkshop

Tada! Simple right? It is so easy to DIY you own embroidered patch denim shirt! I own this shirt for about 3 years? and I have left it in my closet for the longest time… now that it has been refashion by me I can wear it again with a whole new different style! So trendy and chic right?

The Werkshop

Hope you enjoyed reading my quick tutorial here! Be sure to check out my Instagram for more upcoming fun! I will do my best post any request that you want! Email me [email protected] and I will see what I can do!

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  1. Happy First Day of Spring! This shirt turned out really cute. I find that clothing with patches generally sell more expensive. I think I may need to just buy my patches and put them on some clothes I already own. I love the floral trend that’s going now. I love being creative and this looks like a really simple task! 😀 Thanks for sharing

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