How to Dress to Look Skinny in Winter 2017!

How to dress and look skinny for winter 2017! Featuring latest collection from Uniqlo U, Steve Madden, Gucci, and Prada!

Hello hello! Happy New Year everyone!

How was your new year holidays? Mine was quite busy! Have a few gathering and TONS of food food food! (I guess it’s time to lose those few pound now… yet I still have a bag of Miss Vickies beside me while writing this…)

Ok let’s face it, during winter time we tend to eat a lot more including myself. Best excuses is oh I need those extra pounds to stay warm! That’s ok we all understand! Well, what shall we do to cover up those little chubby parts and look skinny for the winter, before we decided to lose it for summer?

Let’s take a look at all the ways to look skinny for winter 2017, shall we?

Cardigan: Uniqlo U (

Long turtle neck sweater dress: Uniqlo (

Ankle Boots: Steve Madden (

Purse: Prada Galleria Bag (

Find similar right here:

I personally love layering my clothing. A lot of times you see me wearing at least 2 layers, because I think it’s trendy and more stylish like Japan or Korean style (a lot of times people mistake me as a Japanese or Korean haha) But let me reveal a little secret here: I wear a few layer because I want to cover up those little chubby parts and look skinny!

Side Tips: wear it loose, if its too tight then it will reveal the “one pack” stomach!

Oh, so I must say I am kinda proud of myself… I never really curl my hair because you know, when you go to work, you are rushing and then when it comes to weekend if you mess up then what do you do for the whole day? So there’s really not a lot of time I can practice. Complicated right… ya I know… However, I was brave yesterday and decided I will try this method with the hair straightener… It was actually the most simple way to curl my hair! No hair spray, no chemical needed and it stays put the whole day and added extra volume to my hair! Just clamp twist clamp twist a few times shake it up a little finished!

Also a little wave can make your face a little smaller and that extra boost of volume will bring your whole look more lively and look skinny!

You can go to work with this look or go out with friends with just a change of purse! With a bigger tote you will look more business casual and with a little cross body you will look so cozy and ready to chill!


Gucci: Soho Leather Disco Bag (

Prada: Galleria Bag (

How do you like this idea? Hope it helps you to look skinny this winter! Let me know by commenting below! If there’s any outfit idea or things that you want to see let me know by emailing me [email protected]! I will do my best!

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