Luna & Co Review – Customizing Your Own Jewellery!

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Who likes jewellery please raise your hands! I will be raising my feet too! Ever since I can remember, I love jewellery. I own many different types of jewellery, but I usually look for something special and unique. I feel that a piece of jewellery is very important, not only it can accessories my outfit, but it also represents who I am. It can make my outfit more playful, cute, beautiful, elegant or classy. This is why I am so in love with jewellery.

One day, I came across Luna & co on Instagram, and what made me so interested was their customizable jewellery. I have never thought about creating my own piece of jewellery. After meeting Mike, who is the owner of Luna & co, I feel that my jewellery from now on should all be customized! Mike is very talented and he is also a GIA certified jeweler. He was very patience and guide me through the steps that it will take to customize a piece of jewellery.

About Luna & Co

luna & coAddress: 9100 Jane St #28, Concord, ON L4K 0A4

Phone: (905) 597-8922


Steps to Create Your Own Jewellery

The first step is to have a brief idea of what type of jewellery you would like and what kind of designs or pattern.

Then Mike will start to have a little draft on paper and he will make a graphic of it if you think the design is appropriate to what you want.

luna & coNext if the computer graphic is good then Luna & Co will sent it over to their manufacture and have a 3D print of the model.

luna & coWhen everything is finished, you can go try it on and see if that’s what you want.

Luna & CoAfter that the making process will being and the fastest would take just 1 week and it shall be complete.

luna & coI love stars and after researching I thought it would be nice to have a ring with stars and pearl! Thanks to Mike, he has incorporated everything that I want! Diamond, peal and stars! Oh by the way, for those who knows me, I am obsessed with rings. I cannot tell you how many rings I own haha. I am so impressed with this index ring, not only its fashionable and also its classy.

Mike was very nice and approachable. After he found out that we were going to Japan to see sakura (cherry blossom), he immediately made me another necklace in the form of a sakura tree! I love it so much because its a little abstract from far and when you look closely its a sakura tree.

luna & co
The wonderful thing about customizing a jewellery is you can add or minus little details that you wish to have or not have. Also, you can choose the material on your own, from sterling sliver to gold or platinum.

luna & co

I am so impressed with Luna & co, if you are looking for an engagement ring and something more special for your love ones, you should definitely check them out! They have so much experience and they can for sure make you satisfy with their service!
Hope you enjoy this review and process with Luna & Co, please let me know if you have any questions! I would be more than happy to answer them and help you out!

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  1. This jewlery is lovely. I am a huge lover of jewlery, especially crystal pendants, and I love wire wrapped, because they are hand made. Little details really do make such a difference!

  2. Beautiful! I love how custom you can make these pieces! I love how you showed the process, it really helps the reader understand the value of the jewelry 🙂

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