Pocket WiFi Korea Review: Speedy Seoul Connection

Pocket Wifi Korea

Create Instagram stories about Myeongdong street food and live blog about Kpop culture while you are in Seoul! Made possible by the convenient and lighting fast service from Pocket WiFi Korea!

In these days and age, traveling with mobile network is a must. Mobile data is especially a must in a country where you don’t know the language, so you can always rely on Google Translate on reading restaurant menus or using maps to find your way back to hotel.

During our adventure to Seoul (see guide to N Seoul Tower and Hello Kitty Island here), we used the WiFi Egg from Pocket Wifi Korea, and the service was excellent!

Pocket WiFi Korea

Pocket Wifi Korea

Website: http://pocketwifikorea.com/

Price: From $3.95 USD / day

Pick up in Incheon Airport

Pocket Wifi Korea

After surviving the extremely long flight Seoul, first thing we did in Incheon Airport is to pick up the WiFi Egg. Pocket WiFi Korea’s counter is located on the departure level, in West Group Tour Desk near the West Meeting Point on 3rd floor, close to check-in counter M. They are locating in desk number 88.

Picking up is easy as all the registration have been done online. Just provide your name, get the WiFi Egg, and you are good to go. This is much faster than rental desks such as KT olleh and LG U+, where the long lines mean that you will waste at least half an hour of precious travel time just waiting.

Pocket WiFi Korea’s staff were very friendly and help us connect to the WiFi egg to ensure they works!

Pocket Wifi Korea

Setting Up

Pocket Wifi Korea

One good thing about WiFi Egg is they are easy to set up and no need to tinker with APN settings. Just connect like you would for any other WiFi network, and you will be enjoying mobile connectivity wherever you go in Korea!

The package include charger only since there is nothing else you need!

Speed Test

Pocket Wifi Korea

We only stayed in Seoul during our trip, and the network coverage from Pocket Korea WiFi was excellent. There were connectivity everywhere, including subway, basement, and even in elevators.

We used the LTE version of the WiFi egg, which advertise speed up to 100Mbps. Our speed test video shows download speed of 20.37Mbps and upload speed of 21.28Mbps, while on a moving bus in the heart of Seoul.

Battery life on the WiFi Egg is great too, and it lasts a full day on one single charge.

Returning WiFi Egg

Pocket WiFi Korea

Unfortunately all trips will eventually come to an end and before you know it was time to leave Korea. Returning the WiFi egg is just as easy as pick up. Just go back to counter 88 in Incheon Airport, drop off the packet, and you are good to go!

Overall we were impressed by Pocket WiFi Korea speed, battery life, and excellent customer service, and would recommend to anyone visiting Korea!

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