Hi everyone! Welcome to Part 2 of the Mokolate New York City travel guide! In this guide we will explore some of the newest and coolest place to eat in New York City!

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM


We have all used ATM to get cash. But imagine an ATM that provides cupcake instead of cash, making world class cupcake available 24/7 by just punching a few buttons! That is what is the newest cool food place in New York City!


At the Sprinkles Cupcake on 780 Lexington Ave, they have recently installed a cupcake ATM. Originated from the West Coast, Sprinkles defintely one of the hottest cupcake shop across the country, with their colorful decorations, delicious cupcakes. They are loved by celebrities, so who know whom you may bump to when you buy cupcakes from there!

A video is worth a thousand words, there is no better way to show the Cupcake ATM and the yummy cupcakes than through a video!

Totto Ramen


Ramen are definitely one of Mokolate’s favorite food! While we always eat the pork bone soup based ramen, chicken based soup ramen is definitely much more rare. But this is the signature dish of Totto Ramen in Midtown New York, and judging by the never ending lineup, this must be a very good bowl of ramen!

We really enjoyed the chicken based soup as it is unique, the chu-siu (pork cutlet) is very soft too and it would melt in your mouth! We definitely recommend the pork meat over the chicken meat but the chicken based soup is one of the best Mokolate had!

Lady M


One of the newest daring of the dessert scene, Lady M is quickly gaining popularity, with shops recently opened across the Pacific in Hong Kong. Their signature pastry is the Millie Crepes, also known as Crepe cake. If you enjoy crepes, imagine 100 layers of thin crepes stacked together, with sweet fillings such as whip creme, coconut, or macha green tea!

Lady M has a extensive selection of sweets other than the excellent Millie Crepe, with moosse cakes, Tarte aux Fruits, Strawberry Shortcake, Eclair, Mont Blanc, just to name a few! Check out below for view of the dessert counter in Lady M!

The Halal Guys


No food trip to New York is done without trying one of the street food vendors across the city! One of the most popular food cart is definitely The Halal Guys, serving Chicken/Gyro on rice  at the corner of 53rd and 6th. Every night, thousands of foodie line up to get their hand on a plate of the famous Chicken over rice, as for $7 you will have one of the best food experience in New York!

Even the line up may be long, it moves very fast and they are extremely efficient. Remember to get the secret white special sauce from the side of the truck, as it is definitely different and unique and make the plate much more tasty than over gyro places! They also have hot sauce in the red bottle, but word of caution that the red sauce is extremely hot, and it is best to be mixed with the white sauce!


Check out below for the full video of Mokolate visiting New York City!

Definitely check out these cool new restaurants next time in New York City!

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