My day in Venice

Hello! If you have read my last blog on pack light and look chic, you know I will be on vacation this week and I am now in Europe, Venice, Italy! 

This is my first time being in Italy and Venice is the first city that I have visited. 

What is my first impression? 

I was amazed. I am really glad the weather is fantastic, a little breezy is just right under the beautiful sunlight. The roads, the bridges, and the streams of canal in between the different islands, everything was gorgeous! 

I have picked a few photos from the thousands that we took to show you quickly our 1.5 day in Venice. I will do full blogs later to show you details of our trip from transportation, accommodation, food and shopping! Wait for that, you don’t want to miss those tips!

I personally don’t drink coffee, but I did take a few sips from the ones hubby ordered and it’s not as bitter as I thought. I feel the drinks temperature is just right, it’s not tongue boiling hot. Maybe that’s why a lot of the local residents like to quickly stop by a coffee shop and take a short break with a cup of delicious coffee. This one right here is a Hot chocolate with cream that I ordered. I wasn’t expecting a fancy looking drink like this but when hubby brought it over I was like Wow! Definitely an Instagram material haha it was very tasty, not too sweet just perfect!

There’s a few eating stores that we came across and they welcome you to draw on their windows or wall. I, of course need to promo my blog right here in Venice! By the way this take out pasta store was one of the highly recommended store by TripAdvisor! Details to come in later blogs.

Gelato is an all time favourite dessert in Italy. Look at all those wonderful colours. I wish there was a tasting menu to try all of the flavour! They have a few fancy mixed special served in this store and it was absolutely amazing!

There’s hubby and I in this beautiful city! This man takes fantastic photos of me for my Instagram, I have to give him a big credit here! Thanks hubby, kee up the good work yo! This photo was taken in the morning time and it was chilly! We came out from the hotel and boy that chill just hit me! I had to wrap myself with jacket and scarf! However later on around 11, I have to take everything off and I was sweating! There’s something funny about this photo, the story was I wasn’t speaking Italian or English or French in Italy but I was speaking Japanese! Saw these two Japanese girls and we asked each other to take photos, I think that was awesome!

Handmade items are a must in Venice, I was very careful about what I purchase. There are many stores that sell non genuine products. Look out for my later post for tips and details!

There’s me just had a ride on the gondola NOT. Those boats are so expensive, 80 Euro for 30 mins day time or 100 Euro in the evening. We chose to save our money and walk along the canal instead (and shop)!

This was just a quick overview from me in Venice! I love this city but right now I gotta pick up my backpack and go to Florence! Blog to you soon 🙂 Ciao!

September 26, 2016

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  1. I’ve never rode in one of those gondolas. We’ve always walked around. I feel like it’s a tourist trap. It’s a nice idea but it’s also not worth the euros. Great minds think alike! Enjoy the rest of your stay!!

    1. Yes! I agree, but it was fun just looking at them especially the ones that the sailor would actually sing! It was a fabulous adventure and now I am back to reality haha

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