Pack light and look chic (Europe Edition)


Hey! I am very excited this weekend because it’s only a few days away until my vacation!

And you know what that means… packing!

To me packing for an Asia trip is a lot easier than packing to Europe. When I go to Asia, I literally just have an empty suit case and just buy all my clothing and stuff there. The prices in Asia is a lot more economical friendly than Europe… So, with that in mind, I must pack all my needs to Europe and spend my money on the right things (like food, museum, sightseeing tour and PURSES… yes most importantly PURSES haha hey I am a girl and I need LOTS of purses)

So where do we being?

Like all trips, it requires a lot of walking, and it’s best to travel light. Today, I am going to give a few tips on how I would pack for Europe! Keep in mind my trip is 8 days long, so if you are going for longer, you can add are few more pieces or simply go shop over there!

This blog is a little long, but I promise I was able to pack all of these into a carry on and I kept a few handy items in my backpack! It seems like a lot of stuff but once you roll up all those clothes it’s done and good to go!

I like to wear comfortable clothing to go on a plane, and I NEED a hoodie. I love to cover up my head and try to sleep my way through the travel and hope to get to my destination sooner! My top picks would be my Roots Sweat style collection.

I finally bought my very own backpack from Fjallraven, Kanken. If you have been following my Instagram – Mizzmok, you will find out how glad I was to get it!

Going on a plane can make your skin quite dry, so I love to have my Aveeno with me and also my new favourite lip balm by Nivea. I also like to pack some snacks with me, for the plane or while we are traveling!

There’s an item in this photo I really want to recommend to you. I first saw this item when my hubby (back then bf) was using it. It’s an inflatable neck pillow! Ever since that time, I took his neck pillow and leave him with nothing to sleep with lol Ya that was kinda mean… so last time in Japan, I finally bought my own! This is from Muji, we have a store in Toronto and I am sure you can find it in the states, or anywhere that has a Muji. It is cover with cotton cloth so it is super soft and you can adjust the hardness of the pillow depending how much air you put in. It is also space saving too!

What’s in my little make up bag?

I personally love natural make up, I don’t do a lot of it but I also like to have a few touches here and there to make myself look energetic! I have picked to bring my Bobbie Brown eye shadows (which was a gift from my cousin, that I have saved until now to use). My deluxe sample Blush from NARS to give my cheeks a little radiance. I usually bring two different lipsticks, one for a more glamorous look and one for a natural look! One thing I would like to mention is the new lipstick I found at Sephora, the brand is Bites – Made in Canada. It is so moisturizing and the one I have has a light lychee scent to it! Got to try if you are looking for a new lip stick.

I am really picky about my shampoo and conditioner (well kinda…) I switch my hair products all the time. Once I finish one, I will be curious to try another one. I never stick with the same hair products. But I never really liked the ones provided by the hotel… usually they are too dry for my hair. So, I purchased the travel size Garnier Honey Treasures shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair healthy and shiny!

Oh one more thing – Hair tie, and Bobbie pins! A must have in my daily life.

Ok ok, finally it is the clothing section!

Travel is all about being relax, choosing your clothing is probably more complicated then picking your clothes to work! It is important to choose something that you can snuggle in and stroll around the city. I like strips, and I also like one piece dresses (it allows me to save packing space! That’s the whole point of this blog right? Pack light) I have picked this one piece dress from Zara, and this knit top from Uniqlo that can pair up with a pencil skirt or jeans. I checked the weather in London, and seems like it will be a little chill so I brought along a demi jacket.

Long maxi dresses girls! This is probably a must have going to Europe. Take all your sexy photos with a long maxi dress. I am still deciding which of the two to bring! I guess you will find out when you check out my Instagram!

Weather is a little chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon, but you don’t want to bring a thick jacket? Your solution is here! My absolute favourite to snuggle in is this long black cotton sweater/ cardigan from Uniqlo (I also have this in the beige colour). I cannot tell you how much I love long jackets, from sweater, outer wear, trench coat… I feel so trendy once I put one of those for fall season! Another reason I am bring this cardigan is because its so light weighted, I can just stuff it in my backpack and if it gets wrinkle? So be it! It’s just my travel style *wink*

I also like to pack a scarf, because not all my outfit is going to fit the cardigan, so if I get cold, I can wrap myself in the big cotton scarf which is also super cozy and light. This scarf is from Roots, $28.99 with EXTRA 25% off, best deal from Roots!

Pack a pair of jeans, maybe a pair of pencil skirt, and a few causal tops.

Pack a few socks, then your fashion clothes are finished!

On to the sleep wear and washroom products! Again my sleep wear is one piece, I ALWAYS bring this M&M t-shirt dress with me when I go for my trip, it’s so simple and easy to pack. I usually bring my own hanger for my towel. I don’t know about you, but I am kind of a clean freak… and I only like to wipe myself with my own towel, even if I use the same one for 7 days in a row! Then it’s just the regular stuff toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash…

Oh nail clippers, I bring a nail clipper because its useful if there’s a broken nail, or just easier than bringing a pair of scissors to cut tags. I also bring tissue paper and sanitizing wipes, and bandaids just in case!

Last but not least, shoes!

I cannot stress how important shoes are… long day of walk in a pair of uncomfortable shoes… I know we have all done that, because it looks good right? However ladies, there are shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, we need our happy feet!

I love my Stan Smith, especially its pink! I know, you must be thinking where did she get those? cuz all the regular ones are green. To be honest, I have been debating for the longest time to buy a pair of Stan Smith or not, but I am not a fan with the green colour… but surprisingly, few months ago, when hubby and I was walking in Downtown, the Addidas store had a few pairs of the pink ones IN MY SIZE, omg  *purchased right away* Instantly, they have became my best travel buds!

Yes, Stan Smith can definitely match most of my outfits because its so versatile, but I still like to bring an extra pair of black sneakers! These are from H&M and they are super comfortable! Only $17.99!

Ah one more item I totally forgot to mention! Flip flops!! Gotta thank one of my favourite iger Stacey for reminding me!! Check out her Instagram here, she has awesome food photos! Flip flops is a must have because I really don’t like going barefoot anywhere unless it’s home! 

So, there you go! This is my choice of style to go for my vacation! Hope it can give you a little inspiration, and hope you enjoy this rather long blog haha

Next week, OMG! It’s gonna be so exciting! Because I will be writing my blog in Venice! Stay tune for that and I will definitely update you on my travel through blog and Instagram!

Sept 18, 2016

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  1. Great post Crystal! I pack like you do when I’m traveling. I usually have a carry on and I also bring along an empty duffle bad. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Just in case I end up buying something extra! πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ƒ

    Oh also I bring flip flops to wear bc I don’t like walking barefoot in hotel and hotel bathroom 😬

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