NIU BODY Review: A new routine to your skin care!

Makeup remover is probably the key the beauty skin that is often forgotten! Check out review of the coconut oil all natural remover from NIU BODY!

So… ok let me spill some secret… to my beauty routine! Honestly, I feel like I am the laziest person on earth with these beauty routine. I don’t usually use make up remover, the reason being is I never seem to find the right product for it. I have complicated skin, or they call it combination skin (in better terms…). All the make up remover I used before (not to mention the brands…) is doing the job to remove my make up but also seem to clog my pore or something. After using it, it’s giving me problem to the skin. So since then I never used any and just wash my face with the face wash while I still have my make up on. I know it’s not the best thing to do… because there would still be so many residue on my face.

This is why I would LOVE to share this natural, cruelty-free coconut oil based make up remover wipes with you today by NIU BODY.

NIU BODY Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Wipes

Niu BodySo I have started trying the wipes about 2 weeks ago? and it hasn’t given me any issue yet. It’s becoming my routine, although sometimes I do forget to use it…

The coconut oil is giving my skin a softer touch after cleaning. There are also 2 other main ingredients in this wipes,

  • LAVENDER OIL – which helps to calm your body and itchy skin
  • YLANG-YLANG OIL – which helps calm nerves, reduce anxiety and stimulates relaxation

So I was suggested to use the Dry Skin type, and It been great to my skin. This bottle comes with 25 cotton wipes and they are 3″ in size. It costs $15 to get this bottle, AND you can use code “CRYSTAL10” for 10% off on NIU BODY website.

Niu BodyThis is the wipe itself. I personally don’t mind the scent of it, it smells like obviously the blend of lavender and ylang ylang oil. But I believe its more like the ylang ylang oil instead of lavender. I don’t how many of you would know how the ylang ylang oil smells like, but it is relaxing in my opinion.

To conclude, I really enjoy using this NIU BODY wipes, I really hope they would come out with more products like body cream or like soap. To me natural and cruelty free make up is beyond awesomeness.

I hope you enjoyed this little beauty review, please let me know if you have any questions! I will do my best to answer it or direct them to NIU BODY!

Remember to use code “CRYSTAL10” for 10% off on NIU BODY website!

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