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Couple months ago, Sunny and I got married and we decided to go Okinawa as part of our Honeymoon! Neither of us has been to Okinawa before and we thought we should use this special opportunity to explore this place that everyone called as a paradise!

Right after our wedding (in HK) we flew right to Okinawa and start our fun adventure! It was around mid May when we went so the weather was pretty nice not too humid and not cold for sure. After arriving we didn’t go to our resort yet because we wanted to explore in Naha for a couple days first and of course the famous aquarium (details will come in future blog post!) So fast forward, here we are in the Marriott Resort! My oh my, we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. We have been to Bahamas before but boy the water and sand in Okinawa is so beautiful that there is zero contamination!




Immediately we checked in and went right to our room! And as we are spending our honeymoon there, they gave us 2 complimentary breakfasts and a complimentary dinner appetizer at one of their finest restaurants! (We love freebies! That’s a win!)

Our hotel room was gorgeous, face directly to the big blue sea! We took a few snapshot of the hotel room because we mess it up haha. It was about mid afternoon when we checked in, so we went out do a few exploring and we realized there’s 2 patriots in the hotel (unchained!) these birds are so awesome and photogenic, I can’t help and keep taking selfies with them 😆 img_7510


Soon it was about dinner time, we went out and look for food (cuz our complimentary dinner is on the second night!) Just very close to the hotel there’s a family owned small restaurant. How we know about this? It’s all because my Hubbie used the Japan app called Tabe log, some what like our Yelp but for Japan!

I must say I am sometimes very proud of my husband haha he can always find the right place to eat! ( I mean I tried before but my choice of restaurants are always not so good🤔) so thanks baby! This restaurant I must say its a must go if you for to try Okinawa local food.

That sizzling fish still makes my mouth watering when I think about it. That delicious smell and smoke coming fresh from from the fish on a hot metal plate is a perfect match. The metal plate was able to keep the fish sizzling hot and fresh, it was one of the dishes in Japan that gave me the deepest memory. On the other hand, hubbie ordered a chirashi, it was very fresh but I still like my fish more! Lastly, the sea grape is one of the best in Okinawa. I always thought they are very funny looking when we were doing our research. Surprisingly, it taste funny too! It has this hmm blo blo texture I call it, like that funny sound blo blo and breaks in your mouth. Its salty, maybe from all the sea water? but its really appetizing with their special dipping sauce.





Ahhhh! Good Morning! No I really mean it! GOOD morning starts with a GOOD breakfast!

Welcome to our first complimentary breakfast at one of the traditional Japan restaurant in the hotel. They offer two kinds of breakfast in the morning, one is Okinawa style the other is Japan style. Of course we order one of each! Can you guess which one is which?

Top one is the Japan Version, and bottom is Okinawa Version!

Just look at the detail, all the little dishes and amazing arrangement! Just looking at it makes you want to eat right! I can ensure you its very yummy!


Just on a side note… I don’t like bitter melon AT ALL, but hey this okinawa bitter melon juice… I gotta say its good lol… hey vacation mood makes all the food taste good right?

Then the rest of the day is just relaxing by the beach, pool side, and we went canoeing.

I sit by the sea, and started doing some meditation. I feel its the best way to distress. Listening to the sea hitting the cliff, and wind breeze into my face. Can you feel it? ahhhhhhhh breathe in breathe out =)

Photos by the beach is amazing , especially by sunset, the views are beautiful!

So exciting! Finally get to taste the complimentary appetizer at the finest restaurant in the resort! This is the entrance to our dinner, is it so gorgeous!


This is the appetizer, with abalone sashimi and two non-alcoholic drinks.

Yummy in the tummy!


This is a Japanese style BBQ restaurant, it has set menu to order for 2 persons portion. It seems like not too many food, but boy we were both very full after the dinner! Awesome night, and then tomorrow we will have to leave Okinawa, it’s a bit sad but hey we are continuing our honeymoon in Tokyo (details in future blogs!)



On our last day in the resort, our second breakfast is a buffet style! I feel like we are King and Queen in this buffet. There are so much food, all you name it from salad, soup, main course station with chefs to cook your omelet, kids meal station, different kinds of buns, and the most amazing thing is fresh squeeze orange or grape fruit juice! I wish I have one of those machine at home haha! This is just the most perfect way to enjoy a morning. Beautiful view, delicious food!




I would definitely recommend Okinawa as a honeymoon vacation, everyone there is super nice and polite. Food was amazing, and I definitely think products in Okinawa are cheaper than Tokyo. ( I will be doing a blog on my haul in Japan! Ohhh exciting!) Anyways, this is just part of the Okinawa adventure we had, there will be much more coming! Hope you enjoy this!

July 29, 2016

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