Polysleep Mattress Unboxing and First Impression 

Boxed mattress was introduced to the market not too long ago, there are several brand in the market, however, after this review I hope I can give you a better understand to Polysleep Mattress and why I would choose them over the other brands in the market. I am super excited to show you my new mattress from Polysleep!

About Polysleep

Let me give you a little intro to them. Polysleep is a Canada based company located in Montreal, Quebec. These mattresses are Made in Canada. Every mattress comes with free shipping, 100-night trial and 10 years warranty!

Website: www.polysleep.com

Unboxing Polysleep Mattress

Shall we take a look at a little short unboxing video that I made? The whole unboxing process was about 5 minutes, I have shorten the video to about 30 seconds so you can see how the mattress expands.

That was quite amazing wasn’t it? To be honest, I was uncertain when i received the box that it’s so tiny, how can it fit a full sized mattress? Once I unrolled it and start hearing the “zzzzzzzzzz” sound from the packaging, I realized how much it was compressed in this package! Fascinating!
Poly SleepTada! In about 10 minutes, the whole mattress is full expanded. After taking out the plastic package, the mattress is ready for your beauty sleep! One really important thing I have to mention is that this mattress has no manufacture smell or plastic smell to it. This is my number one like about this mattress.

Polysleep Mattress First Impression

Poly SleepPolysleep have ensure all stitches were well made. Here are some details of the mattress. The bottom of the mattress is made with a royal purple colour. The top of the mattress already have a pillow top like surfaces. Ok here’s my second reason in choosing Poly Sleep. I personally like mattress that is a little softer, but not too soft, just enough to let my body sink in but still be able to provide the back support! When I lay on this bed it makes me feel like I am sleeping on a cotton candy! It’s soft on the surface but yet it’s supporting my whole body.

Poly SleepWith us spending 1/3 of the time in bed, it is so important to pick the right mattress for yourself. I have been through situation with a bad mattress, and it will cause back pain and neck pain. Also it will you so tired. However, with the new mattress from Polysleep, it has introduce me to a whole new experience to a better sleep. It allows me to sleep through the night without waking up, helps improve my back and neck.

If you are looking for a new mattress for your new home, I would highly recommend Poly Sleep to you. Also, there is a Q&A blog that I have posted for Polysleep, check that out too and it can give you a better idea about their company!

Hope you enjoy our review of Polysleep! Be sure to check out their website, and remember to use coupon code MOKOLATE50 for $50 off!

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