Ten Ren’s Tea Review – More Than Just Bubble Tea

Ten Ren's

When people think of Ten Ren’s Tea, first thing that usually pop into their mind is their excellent Taiwanese bubble tea. But did you know that they offer authentic Taiwanese lunch in their locations too? Come check out what is in their new lunch menu!

About Ten Ren’s Tea

Ten Ren's

Website: http://tenrenstea.com/start/

Address: 1070 Major MacKenzie Dr. E, Richmond Hill, ON

Phone: (905) 508-3993

Ten Ren’s Tea originated from Taiwan, and they specialize in tea and ginseng products. Outside of Taiwan, they have locations across the world, including Australia, Japan, Malaysia,  United States, and Canada.

In the GTA area, there are 15 locations, with 4 offering sit down dining. We recently visited their Smart Center Plaza location, which is located at Major Mackenzie / Bayview.

Ten Ren’s New Lunch Menu

Ice/Milk Emerald Green Tea (Bi Luo Chun)

Ten Ren's

This is an interesting fusion of Ten Ren’s famous bubble tea, with use of traditional Chinese green tea (Bi Luo Chun). This tea has interesting taste as bi luo chun goes surprising well with with the tapioca!

Creamy Pork Soup Noodle with Satay Sauce

Ten Ren's

Ten Ren's

This noodle has a thick soup base and a very flavorful satay sauce base. The noodles are very smooth and chewy is great for slurping

Kid’s Meal

Ten Ren's

Available exclusively at the Bayview / Major MacKenzie location, the Kid’s Meal include a wide variety of items including crispy shrimp, takoyaki, sausage, egg, rice, minced pork, vegetable, and fruits. This is so tasty and colorful that non-kids should still consider this!

Iron Goddess flavoured pudding

Ten Ren's

For dessert, Ten Ren’s Tea is mixing traditional tea flavors into puddings! They had the iron goddness tea flavor the week we visit, and they rotate flavors every week

Bonus: Taiwanese Pop Corn Chicken

Ten Ren's

Ten Ren's

Even though this is not new menu, we also had the Taiwanese popcorn chicken. This is very delicious as they are perfectly fried, crispy on the outside and soft and moist inside. Be sure to dip into the dipping sauce!

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  1. I can’t seem to get enough bubble tea lately–it’s so good and I’m totally hooked on getting a little something for a midday pick-me-up (I’m lucky to have a tea house in town). This place looks delicious and food looks amazing!

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