Port Franc Sweater and Slippers: Perfect Lifestyle

Port Franc

Hi guys! How are things with you? What have you been doing lately? For me… I have started my YouTube channel again! Here’s the link to my channel: Mokolate Channel ! I have brainstormed a lot of fun and relaxing ideas for my upcoming videos! Please stay tune and subscribe to my Channel!

I am sorry guys, I know this is supposed to be about my newest sweater from Port Franc, but I got a little too excited about my YouTube Channel coming back to life! Ok so enough of that, let’s take a look at this amazing sweater from Port Franc!

Port Franc Sweater

Port Franc If you have been following me on Instagram, you probably realized I am a lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer. I enjoy taking lots of photos and create images that I hope everyone will enjoy looking at. I try to bring things into my Instagram in many different angles. Maybe some that you have never seen before and try to create more different things in my little brain. I know sometimes when you see me on Instagram, I am dressed a little differently maybe a little more chic and stylist than usual… but honestly speaking those are not my everyday outfit. I am just like any typical girl, I enjoy wearing clothes that’s comfortable. I go to work in my black pants, a comfy top and sneakers haha yup if you see me on weekday, that’s most likely my outfit. With my everyday outfit I would choose the material, and comfortness over the style. With this Port Franc Sweater, it is comfortable, 100% Cotton AND it’s MADE IN FRANCE! (ok… little fact about me… I am obsess with things that are made in France… aka… hmm purses…)

Port Franc I really enjoy wearing this Port Franc Sweater, the strip detail is a little bit different. Notice the shoulder area, it has a little bit of white space, I feel it makes my shoulder looks a little more obvious and I feel I look skinnier with that white space 🙂 See how easy I can match this sweater with a boyfriend jeans! Outfit made easy!

Port Franc Also, I love these little patch detail. It’s subtle yet it’s so pretty! It definitely adds detail to the sweater!

Port Franc MADE IN FRANCE, 100% COTTON… I am in love 🙂

Port Franc ok… so as a blogger sometimes you just need to do some crazy things to get that one photo… and here I am in the middle of a train track! Ok I think I am really cool, cuz honestly how many of you have lay on a train track before LOL! Come on not too many right?! Until now, I am still really proud of this photo! Below is the end result of me laying on the train track, (don’t worry this was on a Saturday, so train doesn’t come often! Please don’t do this on a weekday…)

Port Franc Slippers

Port Franc These beautiful slippers/slip on are also from Port Franc, it has wool lining and these are so comfortable! I am sure I will be wearing these a lot in the fall season! Even tho it says slippers in the web but the sole is quite thick and I have no issue walking outside with them! These are definitely going to work with me, even tho I don’t want to be at work but at least I can feel to comfortness like home in my feet! #happyfeet haha

I hope you enjoy this little review and my little behind the scene of a lifestyle blogger! Talk to you again next time AND don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel!! ok? 🙂

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