The Food and Drink Festival

Hi guys!

Today, me and food buddy went to a “Good food and drink festival” at exhibition place located at Downtown Toronto.
I must say it was an awesome adventure!
Below are some of the food that we tried, of course there are many many more free samples that we tried as well

  • This fish taco was delicious! The fish was fried just right, the addition veggie, pepper, and onion at the bottom of this soft taco added a richer taste to the whole taco.

Fish Taco

  • Poutine gravy has a hint of black pepper, I must say its very unique than regular gravy. However, the cheese was a little too big, it didnt melt into the fries. The fries were good tho!Poutine
  • Oh heavenly good! The richness and soft, and moist. ITS I cannot even describe how good it was! the ice-ing on top of the cupcake was just right! Its so soft and not too sweet. Within the cupcake itself you can taste and see the soft chocolate blended together with the cupcake! This was just too good! I must try more of those cup cakes!

2013-04-07 14.53.53

  • tipsy Dog! Its sausage with alcohol inside!

Tipsy Sasuage

  • We got very lucky to be able to attend to the last session of cheese tasting and information. We tried 6 different types of cheese:Quality Cheese – Bella Casara Ricotta (mostly for food making)
    L’Ancetre – Swiss
    Ivanho cheese – Mild Cheddar
    Thornloe cheese – Temiskaming (Second favourite)
    Empire cheese – Caramelized Onion Cheddar (rich in onion taste! Good to melt on bread)
    COWS Inc – Applewood Smoked Cheddar – Best in my opinion! The scent of the applewood smoke was great, after chewing the cheese in my mouth, the scent of applewood is still there. It is just too good, LOVED IT!

All you need is cheese!

  • One of the highlights of the day! Potato stick! Always wanted to try it, and finally have a chance. We put 4 different flavour on the potato: cheddar, buffalo, ketchup, and salt and vinegar. It was very very tasty! Just maybe if I spread the powder a little more even it would be better =p

Well, you must all been waiting! Of course it’s call food AND drink festival, so here comes the drinks! Boyfriend likes drinking beer most out of all alcohol. So he tried 3 different types of beer, which I already forgot the name XD. Trust me there are a wild variety of drinks to choose from! from non-alcohol to beer to wines!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog =D
If you have a chance, check it out next year! I definitely recommend this to everyone! Great for family and couple’s date!

Good food and drink festival

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