Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton Review: Indo Home Kitchen


Missed the taste of Jakata and Bali? Want to find the taste of authentic Indonesian home kitchen in midtown Toronto? Check out our review Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton, where all food are naturally made and feels like Indonesia home kitchen.

Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton

Warung Indonesia d'Eglinton

Address: 2439 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P

Phone: (647) 771-1088

Website: http://www.warungone.com/

Cost: Around $15 per person

Warung Indonesia d’Eglinton is located on Yonge street a block north of Eglinton. It has sitting for around 15 people, so be sure to come early to avoid waiting in line! Note that they are closed on Sunday and Monday, so the best time to visit would probably be weekday lunch or dinner.

The restaurant servers a wide-range of authentic Indonesian specialty dishes from around Indonesia, from Bali to Papua. They are inspired by the rice table Padang / West Sumatra style, where where a sampling of many different Indonesian dishes are served table.

The restaurant interior is decorated with Indonesian wayung figures, along with a cool wall art featuring all the neighborhoods in Toronto.




There is a wide selection of veggie and meat appetizers, including fried potato patties, deep fried marinated tofu and tempeh, and chicken satay with peanut sauce. We especially enjoyed the chicken satay as the special sauce mixing peanuts, shallot, and garlic was excellent.



We tasted the West Sumatra Curried Beef, which is also known as Rendang. It is very flavorful, rich, and not too spicy. It goes well with the white steamed rice and the side dishes.

WarungThe signature fried chicken is deep fried savoury marinated with the secret family recipe. We enjoyed this fried chicken very much as the outside is crispy but the inner of the chicken is still very juicy and tender.


All the main dishes come with side dishes of your choice. We would recommend the salad in Bali sauce to go with the curry dishes as they complement each other perfectly!


Thank you once again to @dkloevents for introducing us to this great restaurant! If you are looking for other Indonesian cuisine in Toronto, be sure to check out Satay Sate!

Hope you enjoy this review of Toronto restaurant! In the meantime, be sure to visit my Instagram – Mizzmok for more fashion and lifestyle idea!

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