Sudio Vasa BLÅ Wireless Headphone Review: Headphone for the Wireless New World

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2016 marks a beginning of a new era, President Trump, Brexit, end of championship drought in Cleveland and Chicago. But what is the change that closely affect everyone of us the most?

It is the beginning of the end for the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack.

This year,  Oppo, Vivo, and Motorola all released phone without the familiar 3.5mm headphone jack in used since the beginning of time. Apple, the usual trend setter, followed suit and released the iPhone 7 without the jack amid controversy.

So how to survive in this wireless new world? You can always use a Lighting to 3.5mm or USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, but that is so 20th century and the adapter adds extra inconvinence, continuing the constant human struggle against wires and cables.

A better and more elegant solution is of course using a wireless headphone. Today we will review the Sudio Vasa BLÅ Wireless Headphone, a premium built Swedish headphone that will allow you to enjoy music freely.


Design and Packaging

Sudio, similar to the other famous Swedish companies such as IKEA and H&M, certainly lives up to the characteristics of Swedish Designs, simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Available in Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue, and Pink, the Sudio Vasa BLÅ Wireless has a neckband style design, with the control and battery located on either side. The remote has the 3 button design for volume control and play/pause, and it works for both iOS and Android devices. The battery block has a micro-USB plug for charging with is a built-in snap on cover to avoid dust and water damage. img_3332-1

The headphone also comes in with a 5 pairs of earbuds of variety size, ensuring best fit inside the ears. Also include a metal clip to make sure the headphone won’t fall off, and a leather carrying pouch. We really like the carrying pouch since it is very well made, and it ensure the headphone won’t be lost or damaged when it is not in use. img_3331-1

Real Life Use

The headphone was tested intensively for the past week under various environments, including buses, commuter trains, subway, walking on the street. One of the concerns of Bluetooth headphone is always theconnectivityy may not be as stable as wired, but this Sudio headphone really impressed me with its stability. During my daily use when paired with Nexus 6P, I encountered no drop connection issues, even during calls. Though it is not noise-cancelling, he earbud seals well and block our majority of outside noise. One issue is that the headphone is not loud enough under very noisy environment such as a passing by train.

The headphone fits comfortably and I would say it is even more comfortable than the wired headphone I have been using. Having no wire definitely is a big plus in eliminating tangles with bags or jackets. The headphone only weight 14g even with the battery, so it was not noticable at all. Only note is to make sure to choose the earbuds that fits perfectly inside the ear, as bass sound will be weak if the earphone is not sealed properly.

Sound quality is excellent, and I would say is comparable with the Bose SoundTrue wired earbuds I have been using prior to switching to Sudio. The headphone delivers well across all frequency, with good and deep base, clear treble, and crisp vocals. I used the headphone on variety of genre, from pop, rock, J-pop, metal, classical, and podcast, and Sudio defintiely did not disappoint and is excellent for general daily use.

Battery Life

Sudio claims the headphone to have battery life of 8 hours for active use and 10 days standby. During our review we found that to be consistent, with the headphone lasting for a full working week with daily use of 2+ hours during commutes on close to max volume. Charging is also quick and easy with micro-usb cable, with full charge taking around 2 hours


Overall we were impressed by the Sudio Vasa BLÅ Wireless. It is a comfortable, lightweight, and convinent headphone that deliveries excellent sound quality with great battery life. It is now our go-to headphone for daily use, and we would recommend to anyone! Welcome to the wireless new world.



  • Housing: Composite, Aluminum
  • Finish: High polished metal parts
  • Model: In-ear, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Weight: 14 grams (housing)
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Battery time: 8 hours (active), 10 days (standby)
  • Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)

Price: $140 CAD, use discount code “MIZZMOK15” for 15% off!


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